Statistic Specialist

These Specialists increase specific stats for the character, based on the Specialist's level while the item is equipped.

Specialist Stats Subdued Limit
Dietician HP 19998
Master SP 19998
Gladiator ATK 19998
Sentry DEF 19998
Teacher INT 19998
Coach SPD 19998
Marksman HIT 19998
Physician RES 19998

Resistance Specialists

These Specialist increase the character's resistance to specific elements or status effects

Specialist Effect Max LVL Effect Subdued Limit
Aeronaut Wind 140 19998
Firefighter Fire 140 19998
Cryophile Water 140 19998
Pharmacist Poison 998 19998
CoffeeMaker Sleep 998 19998
MedicineMan Paralyze 998 19998
Psychologist Forget 998 19998
SocialWorker Deprave 998 19998

Kill Bonus Increases

These Specialists increase the amount of HL, Mana, Experiece as well as the speed at which your character becomes more masterful in their equipped weapon by 1%.

Specialist Effect Max LVL Effect Subdued Limit
Broker HL 300 600
Manager Mana 300 600
Statistician Experience 300 600
Armsmaster Weapon Mastery 1900 3800

Status Effects

Adds a special status effect to a weapon.

Specialist Status Subdued Limit
Alchemist Poison 19998
Hypnotist Sleep 19998
WitchDoctor Paralyze 19998
Amnesiac Forget 19998
Gangster Deprave 19998

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