Character Info

Name: Adell

Occupation: Only Human on Veldime

Only person not to be turned into a demon on Veldime. Has a strong definition of Honor, refuses to not keep promises. Is looking to defeat Overlord Zenon.

Name: Rozalin

Occupation: Overlord Zenon's Daughter

The hot daughter of the King of Overlords. Has been kept in a mansion all her life and knows little of the real world.

Name: Axel

Occupation: Former Dark Hero, Current Loser

Axel is the former Dark Hero. Now a loser who has a travel show that no one watches, he still thinks he's the famous person he was. What an idiot.

Name: Hankao

Occupation: Adell's little sister

Looks up to Rozalin and wants to be just like her. Can cook on a professional level. As a result of Zenon's curse, she has demon wings on her back. Wants to be a strong, sexy demon.

Name: Taro

Occupation: Adell's younger brother

Taro is timid and a bit sarcastic. Loves his brother very much and gets picked on by Hanako quite frequently.

Name: Tink

Occupation: Frog...thing?

Good friend to Rozalin. Claims to have been a handsome young man. No one really believes him. Seems to snap at random times to become an angry, bad mouthed red frog...thing.

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