Lover Specialists
Lovers are a unique specialist that boost the stats of an item by 1% (unless otherwise specified). They also boost a character's special ability making them essential for most characters you want to make powerful. An example would be a max level 25 Adell lover boosts Adell's ability to deal more damage to higher level enemies from 25% to 50%! Specialist appear in items that have been worn by characters for AT LEAST 35 battles. Reequipping an item or changing that item will reset the counter. Lovers appear as level 1 on normal equipment 2 on rare and 3 on legendary so it is ideal to wear legendary equipment to max out you lover level which is 25.
Character Special ability Lover bonus
Adell 25% damage bonus to higher level enemies 1% per level
Rozalin 20% stat boost to adj. male allies 1% per level
Tink (blue) move +2 move +1 per 10 levels
Tink (red) 20% stat boost from adj. female ally 1% per level
Hanako -50% damage from monsters 1% per level
Taro DEF/RES +20% when critical 1% per level
Yukimaru 20% chance to inflict forget with normal attacks 1% per level
Etna 50% stat boost to adj. prinnys 1% per level
Asagi 10% stat boost for every ally male in map 1% per 5 levels
Gordon If attack misses move again none
Majorly -50% dmg from females 1% per level
Priere +10% dmg for every empty panel in area of attack 1% per 5 levels
Mid-boss -50% dmg from males 1% per level
Zetta +25% dmg to humanoids 1% per level
Prism Red +25% ATK when critical 1% per level
Mr. Champloo When countering deals normal +100% of dmg recived 1% per level
Raspberyl +2 panels to magic range +1 panel per 10 levels
Mao +5% dmg per enemy unit on map 1% per 5 levels
Almaz +25% dmg to non-element special skills 1% per level
Sapphire Adj. allies gain +1 magic range +1 rng per 10 levels
Pleinair MV after attacking +3 +1 MV per 10 levels
Ash Dmg +100% when m-change turn is 1 1% per level
Marona Stats increase 10% every time she m-changes 1% per 5 levels
Pram INT up 5% for every magic attack received 1% per 5 levels
DL Hanako +20% stat boost to adj. males -20% to enemies N/A
Warrior 50% dmg bonus when critical 2% per level
Valkyrie chance of critical hits +50% when critical 1% per level
Skull +5 exp to magic learning 1% per level
Mage -25% sp cost to magic 1% per level
Ninja Increased dodge rate when critical (no %?) 1% per level
Kunoichi +50% to attack twice when critical 1% per 2 levels
Majin stats double when last man standing none
Armor Knight DEF + 50% when critical 1% per level
Sinner counter dmg up when critical 1% per level
Wiseman takes no geo dmg +1 Geo warp range per 5 levels
Samurai (male) 20% to deathblow enemies when critical 1% per 2 levels
Samurai (female) 30% dmg boost against single units 1% per level
Angel -50% neutral dmg reduced to adj. 1% per level
Gunner combos gain 20% dmg bonus when involved 1% per 2 levels
Healer -50% dmg from elemental attacks 1% per level
Archer Bow range +1 Bow range +1 per 10 levels
Beast Master 20% stat boost to adj monsters 1% per level
Bonus gauge increases twice as fast
Magic Knight +25% dmg bonus to elemental attacks 1% per level
Spirit Regenerates 20% sp per turn 1% per level
Zombie Refills HP/SP when killing with normal attack 1.5% stat boost per level
Succubus 25% dmg bonus to males 1% per level
Felynn 50% dmg bonus when counterattacking 1% per level
Dragon Immune to fire Absorb 1% fire dmg per level
Prinny deals 50% HP as dmg when exploding 1% per level
Orc 25% atk when critical 1% per level
Winged Warrior MV +1 when critical MV +1 per 10 levels
Aqua Demon Immune to ice Absorb 1% ice dmg per level
Flora Beast -50% dmg from magic attacks 1% per level
Mystic Beast Immune to wind Absorb 1% wing dmg per level
Marionette Immune to status ailments +1.25% stat boost per level
Holy Dragon Immune to non- element special attacks Absorb 1% non-element special attacks
Wood Golem Recharges 20% HP per turn 1% per level
Rifle Demon Attacks never miss +1.25 stat boost per level
Dragon Zombie -50% dmg from physical attacks 1% per level
Roc -20% stats to adj. enemies 1% per level
Deathsaber +10% dmg per panel moved 1% per 10 levels
Entei +10% stat boost per ally entei on map +1% per 5 levels
Robot normal attacks twice if you never moved +1.5% stat boost
Thieves Good at stealing
Lover bonus is complicated. it's a loooong winded equation but the short story is that lovers improve stealing by a lot so thief lovers are important.

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