Weapon Skills

Weapons types and the skills unlocked at each skill level

Fists: Damage Based on Atk Stat

LVL: 1 Triple Strike

LVL: 3 Tiger Charge

LVL: 6 Lion's Roar

LVL: 10 King Of Beasts

LVL: 15 Rising Dragon

LVL: 21 Big Bang

Swords: Damage Based on Atk Stat

LVL: 1 Blade Rush

LVL: 3 Hurricane Slash

LVL: 6 Moon Slash

LVL: 10 Winged Slayer

LVL: 15 Dark X Slash

LVL: 21 Dimension Slash

Spears: Damage Based on Atk Stat

LVL: 1 Impaler

LVL: 3 Lightning Spear

LVL: 6 Asteroid Drop

LVL: 10 Turbulence

LVL: 15 Divine Strike

LVL: 21 Spear Storm

Bows: Damage Based on the average of Atk and Hit Stats

LVL: 1 Poison Blast

LVL: 3 Raiden Missle

LVL: 6 Delta Split

LVL: 10 Zielgen

LVL: 15 Doppelganger

LVL: 21 Omega Comet

Guns: Damage Based on Hit Stat

LVL: 1 Tri-Burst

LVL: 3 Gaia Blast

LVL: 6 Proximal Shot

LVL: 10 Shooting Stars

LVL: 15 Totenkreuz

LVL: 21 Inferno

Axes: Damage Based on Atk Stat

LVL: 1 Boulder Crush

LVL: 3 Colossal Fissure

LVL: 6 Boomerang Axe

LVL: 10 Violent Storm

LVL: 15 Graviton Flare

LVL: 21 Calamity Drive

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