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Disgaea 3 introduces a new system called Evilities, this permits players to purchase extra effects for their characters at the cost of Mana, much like Skills are now handled. However, Evilities are not selectable Skills you use in battle, they are passive effects that are applied to your characters, just like the innate effects they already possess. For example, a Prinny explodes when thrown (Explosive Nature), this is an innate Evility.

There are other Evilities however that you can purchase and equip that give an extra effect such as "Poison Vaccine" which makes it much harder for enemies to poison you.

Many Evilities you can acquire by leveling up and reincarnating your characters to gain access too, and if you want to get the Evility of another class, you can either reincarnate as that class or inherit it via the Class World. Please note that you can not inherit innate Evilities from other units. Example: You can not inherit Explosive Nature from Prinnies, who'd want that anyway?)

You can equip one extra evility on a unit, and you can not substitute your innate evility out to get a second evility. You can swap out purchased/inherited evilities on a character as long as you're not in battle at the time of switching, just be mindful of some Evilities as they can sometimes be harmful just as much as they can be helpful! Please refer to the list of Evilities on this site for a more detailed explanation of all the available Evilities.

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