Statistic Specialist

These Specialists increase specific stats for the character, based on the Specialist's level while the item is equipped.

Specialist Stat Increased Subdued Limit
Dietician HP19998
Master SP 19998
Gladiator ATK 19998
Sentry DEF19998
TutorINT 19998
Physician RES 19998
Marksman HIT 19998
Coach SPD 19998

Double Statistic Specialist

These Specialists increase two stats for the character, based on the Specialist's level while the item is equipped and are created using a Mediator

Specialist Specialists Combined Stats Increased Subdued Limit
Hard WorkerGladiator | Tutor ATK and INT 19998
Muscleman Gladiator | Dietician ATK and HP 19998
Nerd Tutor | Master INT and SP19998
PatientSentry | Physician DEF and RES 19998
Sniper Gladiator | Marksman ATK and HIT 19998
Sprinter Gladiator | Coach ATK and SPD 19998

Resistance Specialists

These Specialists increase the character's resistance to specific elements or status ailments.

Specialist Resistance to Max Effectiveness
Aeronaut Wind100
Cryophile Ice100
Coffee Maker Sleep 100
Medicine Man Paralysis100
Pharmacist Poison 100
Psychologist Forget100
Social Worker Deprave100

Status Specialists

These Specialist add a specific status ailment to the equipped character's attack.

Specialist Status Max
Alchemists Poison100
Amnesiac Forget 100
ProfessionalCritical Chance100
Witch DoctorParalysis100

Kill Bonus Increases

These Specialists increase the amount of HL, Mana, Experiece as well as the speed at which your character becomes more masterful in their equipped weapon by 1%.

Specialist Effect Max LVL Effect
BrokerHL 300
ManagerMana 300
MentorSkill EXP 300
StatisticianEXP 300

Miscellaneous Increases

Each one of these specialists has a unique ability.

Specialist Effect Max LVL Effect
CollectorRarity 100
Magichange LoverMagichange 25
Mediator Creates dual-stat specialists in Innocent Town 100
Teacher Increases level of specialists by 5% in Innocent Town 100

Item Specialists

Each one of these specialists increases an item.

Specialist Boost Max LVL Boost
Cane Man Staves 500
Deadeye Guns 500
Eros Bows 500
Fencer Swords 500
Fist Fighter Fists 500
Lancer Spears 500
Guardian Armor 500
Lumberjack Axes 500
Monster Hunter Monster Weapons 500

Unique Specialists

Each one of these specialists has a unique and powerful ability that is added to the item they are inserted into.

Specialist Found in Ability
Kinder Gardener Flower CircleDecrease damage by 50%
Berry Picker Tambourine 100% team attack chance.
Secret Trainer DumbellStat growth increases 10% at level up.
Hop Step Cheer Baton x1.8 hit rate for attacks.
High Spiriter VajraNormal attack may cure an ailment.
Glutton Baked Potato Adds a healing effect to a normal attack from behind
Punisher Toy HammerNormal attack from behind reduces HP to 1/2.
Sweet Tempter Lollipop CandyRecover 50% HP at end of turn.
Mana Robber Putty Stick Steal 10% of targets mana on a normal attack.
Cat Burglar Puppy Paw StickRandomly steals a defeated enemy's equipment.
All Digger ShovelAdds Paralysis to a Normal attack from behind.
Trash Talker Toilet Plunger Adds poison to a Normal attack from behind.
Rubber Deck BrushAllows for Normal attacks to strike twice in a row.
Sensationalist Magic HandNormal attack from behind causes Deprave.
Wuss SignPhysical attack damage reduced 80%.
Town Crier Tennis Racket Increases Counter Attacks by 5.
Sun Bather SunflowerAdds Sleep to a Normal attack from behind.
Joke Slapper Paper FanAdds Forget to a Normal attack from behind.
Motivator Umbrella Magic attack damage reduced 80%.
Medium Rare Primal MeatAlly monster's attack boosted by 20%.
Heat Seeker Naive Glasses Attacks never miss.
Smeller Used RagEnemy stats reduced by 20% when attacked.
Fluffifier Stolen ShortsRestores damage from Geo Chain.
Mode Changer Chicken Hat Null physical attacks on odd turns, magic on even.
Reaper Dark History If a target's HP is under 25% adds a 20% chance of Deathblow.

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