Character Info

Name: Zetta

Occupation: The most Bad Ass Freakin' Overlord in the entire cosmos

Once the most powerful Overlord in the entire Cosmos, Overlord Zetta has been reduced to the form of a book due to his own stupidity. Zetta attempted to use the Sacred Tomb to prevent the destruction of his Nethworld and failed. In order to save his own life he bonded himself to the Sacred Tomb.

Name: Salome

Occupation: Overlord

Was once the human apprentice to Overlord Zetta. They were also former lovers, she left when he refused to view her as an equal. When she hears Zetta is in trouble, she wastes no time coming to his aid. Despite being very ill and dying, Salome still has a large Mana reserve, but is it enough to keep Seedle from killing her?

Name: Alexander

Occupation: Overlord, God of Destruction

Alex and Lord Zetta have been at war for years. Millions of bloody battles have resulted in Zetta's victories over and over and over,even after every assassination attempt on Zetta has failed. As soon as he hears that Zetta is trapped as a book, Alexander makes a bid to win the war once and for all.

Name: Pram

Occupation: Overlord, Psychic

A relatively new Overlord. Even though she is new, her Mana is quite large, making her well respected among other Overlords. She is the one that made the prophecy of Overlord Zetta's demise and is the only Overlord with the power to see the future.

Name: Dark Lord Valvoga

Occupation:Star Overlord

Valvoga is one of the strangest overlords there are. He is made up of three different beings. A demon named Micky, a fallen angel named Ophelia, and a stupid dragon named Dryzen. He pretends to want Zetta to regain his powers. But, he may also have other agendas in mind.

Name: Seedle

Occupation: Demon Overlord

Seedle was once a great and noble warrior, renowned for his skills and kindness. One day, Seedle ventured forth into the land of the dead. After a ferocious battle, Seedle emerged the victor and took his place as the Overlord of the Underworld. For reasons known only to him, Seedle has a grudge against Salome.

Name: Babylon

Occupation: Dragon Overlord

Babylon is the one of the biggest and the oldest known Overlord. In centuries past, he was the unquestioned ruler of the universe and the most powerful Overlord in existence. Now his age is catching up with him, and he is frequently caught sleeping during important situations. As old and senile as he is, a big dragon is still a big dragon.

Name: King Drake the Third

Occupation: Overlord

A perfect example of when looks can be deceiving, King Drake is not the utter fool he appears to be. His claims about being the king of the universe don't help him any, though. He claims to be good friends with Zetta, but Zetta denies these claims. Drake shows up to help his friend(?) work his way back to power.

Name: Trenia

Occupation: Annoying Girl

At first sight, she seems like nothing more than a strange, idiotic girl. Eventually, Trenia begins to let on that she is more than she appears. She makes Pram really nervous with her accurate fortunes of the future.

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