The Disgaea Fan wouldn't be what it is without the following individuals!

I, Cim, freakin' love Disgaea. I've been playing it for years and have managed to acquire Yoshitsuna and beat Baal and steal his equipment. I hope you enjoy the resource that I, and so many other people, have put work into.
Dentarg (Former Staff)
Dentarg was the man that supplied the Disgaea Fan with much of its news in the past. He's been rather busy with life as of late, but we'll always be thankful for what he's provided for us.
Neo (Former Staff)
Neo has been an active user at TDF for years, but has only recently begun to complain about how terrible I am as a web designer (little did she know I'd have agreed with her from the start)! She has, in good spirits, been more than willing to lend me her growing expertise and is responsible for the graphics and over all design of the site you see now.
Kazu (Former Staff)
Was formerly the image editor here at the Disgaea Fan. Without him, we wouldn't have many of the character images in the format that we do now. In other words, he was the image man.
Amanda (Former Staff)
Also had a stint graphics guru here at the Disgaea Fan. She did a wonderful job of providing the site with avatars for our users.

Site Staff

If you're interested in making it onto this page, email me with credentials such as HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript skills (Or even graphic design!), what you can do for this site, as well as the things you enjoy doing most. 18 09 2013We are also currently looking for content writers and reviewers. Send am email to webmaster at thedisgaeafan dot net to apply! )

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