Security Issues

Heard a lot of you were having issues with security when visiting the site, and I want you to know that I've looked into it and have fixed the problem. We lost some news that may have had a link that was infected, through no fault of our news posters, but rest assured we have fixed the issue. Thanks for your support and for not giving up!

Disgaea 4 next Tuesday!

Posted on 29 Aug 2011 by Cim

Makai Kingdom PSP Port!!!!!

Hello fellow Nippon Ichi fans,
You have a new news reporter for this next(very exciting)news entry; the great Dark Prier. Nippon Ichi has finally decided to fulfill our deepest wishes and most depraved fantasies with an enhanced port of Makai Kingdom on the PSP!!!! Yes you can watch Zetta beam annihilate Marona again, on your PSP this time.

 The PSP port of Makai(Phantom as it is being called in Japan again) Kingdom will have an alternate mode similar to Another Marona from Phantom Brave's ports entitled: Papa is the Strongest Demon King, featuring a girl with red pigtails and a short cape. The character is visible in the teaser site.

 This much needed enhancement of Makai Kingdom will hit Japanese stores on September 22nd of this year, so start saving up and be ready to crack open your piggy banks in the near future.
Posted on 30 Jun 2011 by DarkPrier

Difficulty registering?

I received an email recently claiming that the security questions to register on the forum are just a bit too tough. I was unaware of this being the case, considering I've made them non-spoiler specific and it's not that hard to google if you don't know the answer. So, being a good sport I pose this question to those of you that have given up trying to register in the forums: are my security questions too difficult? Yay or nay. You may post in the comments or email me or some such to let me know and I'll either (a) assess your intelligence (b) register your account for you (c) make the security questions a tad bit easier.

In forum news, Neo won the forum theme contest awarding her with 'Neo's Thievery'. A forum theme modeled after thieves. I like it, she likes it, I hope you like it.

Posted on 31 May 2011 by Cim

Forum Banner Competition!

Since it has been a few years since we've created a new skin for the forum, we're holding a competition to allow members of the forum to create a banner of their design to be the basis for the design of the new skin! If you want to submit a banner, simply register (if you have not already, there is no post minimum) and submit!! The minimum requirements are small: It must have a Netherworld creature (Makai Kingdom, Phantom Brave or Disgaea) and it needs to be at least 1050px wide. Other than that, everything is fair game.

Oh, no pornography either. But you knew that.
Posted on 28 Apr 2011 by Cim

Disgaea 4 US Website Released!

Greetings fellow Netherworldians! It is I, Dentarg again, here to deliver more developments of the upcoming new Disgaea game! For those of you who don't want to read the full-story, I have provided a link to Disgaea 4's US Website here for your viewing pleasure!

More news as well!

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Posted on 15 Apr 2011 by Dentarg

Third Update! (Including Makai Kingdom!)

Greetings fellow Netherworld citizens! It is I, Dentarg, here again to talk more on both Disgaea news, and this time as well my own experience with the game we've come to know as Makai Kingdom. More in the full story!

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Posted on 30 Jan 2011 by Dentarg

Problems with the forums

I've gotten a few more emails about problems with the forums, but due to the lack of internet in my most recent weeks, I have been unable to figure out exactly what it is. So, now that I have a very terrible connection, I'm going to try and fix it for you. For now, avoid clicking the banner image for the forums.

Posted on 04 Feb 2011 by Cim

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