Problems with the forums

Fixed the problem that people were having with registration and account verification.  I was playing with this I probably shouldn't have been playing with, but it's back to normal now.  Sorry to those of you who were having problems authenticating.  You're still going to have problems if you tried to authenticate prior to me fixing it (yesterday), if you still have problems email me and I'll authenticate your account for you. Happy posting :c)

Posted on 26 Jan 2011 by Cim

Site updates!

For those of you not keeping up with it in the forum, there have been a ton of updates to the Disgaea 2 section:  weapons, armor, items, etc.

Check it out!

Posted on 01 Jan 2011 by Cim

My second update!

Hello folks, been a little bit since my last update! Be sure to check out the Disgaea 4 Website (here) if you haven't already, and if you have, check the Movie section again as the Disgaea 4 Intro has been added to the site!

In today's update, I delve into the wonderful world of NIS America...
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Posted on 20 Dec 2010 by Dentarg

New Journalist Reporting! (1st Post by Dentarg!)

Hiya folks, your new news reporter Dentarg here, reporting for duty!

Before I get to the juicy stuff, I best give a brief intro on myself, so let's get started!

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Posted on 09 Dec 2010 by Dentarg

Disgaea 4!

Alright, look: I know I've been inactive for quite some time, but you cannot blame me for this.  I come back with some good news for you though!  Disgaea 4 has been announced with a release date in JP set for February 2011 and a suspected release date for AM set for summer 2011. 

Check out the forums for a discussion and pick up on some more info!
Posted on 17 Oct 2010 by Cim

Nippon Ichi, 2010

Well, Nippon Ichi is still up and running, and has so many games planned for 2010, and a few to be translated for us English speaking folk. Here is a list:

  • Trinity Universe(2010 June, PS3)
  • Makai Wars(TBA, PS3)
  • Prinny 2(3/25/10 for Japan, PSP)
  • Full Blast Hitchhike?(2010, WII)

No, thats not ALL of them, but only the ones that have been confirmed for US, and Makai Wars is there because it probably will be; I'll get some info on them in later news posts.

Posted on 23 Mar 2010 by Doopliss

Nippon Ichi? Financial Crisis?

Many of  you may have already seen this, catastrophic news in the forums, but I DO think this is news worthy.

As the title suggests, Nippon Ichi is in a financial crisis, according to Kotaku the operating profit is down 97.5% during the first 9 months of the year.

The company's closing price on the JASDAQ, which is a Japanese NASDAQ (NASDAQ is traditionally home to many high-tech stocks. The big ones include Microsoft, Intel, Dell, and Cisco.) was 32,600¥( about 386 USD) and had dropped 20%!

This doesn't necessarily say that Nippon Ichi will shut down, but here's hoping they financially improve, otherwise it may be so.

Thanks to Kotaku, for the information, and thanks to Samuraileo for catching my eye on this news.

Link(provided by Samuraileo):

Posted on 13 Feb 2010 by Doopliss

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