My second update!

I have been keeping an eye on the NISAmerica website for a while now, and as in my last update I mentioned that I also keep up to date on their workings through their newsletter called Prinny BOMB. If you're curious about it, I highly suggest signing up at the NISAmerica website which you can find (here) as well as keep tabs on some of the upcoming NIS titles, such as "Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!"

I also came across something on their website known as (Pram's Wish List) which is a suggestion/request site that NISAmerica looks at and considers ideas clamored for by their fans and consumers. If you have a wish you want granted by that list, get to writing it! You can also vote for or against wishes already written down, and can re-vote each day for a wish too. They also record wishes that have been granted as well on the site!

Anyways, that's about it for this update from me, I just recently got a copy of Makai Kingdom and am giving that game a try, it seems my Netherworld addiction as of late is in full swing, so check back often for more updates from me!
Posted on 20 Dec 2010 by Dentarg
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