Third Update! (Including Makai Kingdom!)

Starting off, in regards to Disgaea-related news, there has been much silence lately on the upcoming Disgaea 4 game, not even a release date has been made for the American release of Disgaea 4 yet, aside from its anticipated late Summer release time line. Disgaea 4 as mentioned on the Disgaea 4 teaser website here mentions that the game will be released Japan-side on February 24, 2011. A few new details I've managed to dig up involve the potential rumor train on the upcoming game include the discussion on how they plan to run online play.

Some of the rumors include invading another player's game through the Item World by pirating. Others include the game's idea of making your own battlefields and playing them multi-player for fun. Given, all of these ideas are currently simply on the rumor mill, but the idea of invading another player's Item World is pretty sweet to me! I will keep up to date on more news as the game is released in Japan, and hopefully we'll hear something directly from NIS America about its US release!

In side news, Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! is also out! If you haven't gotten a copy (Like me), get out there any grab yourself a copy!

Now, onto my news on Makai Kingdom!

I had always wondered about Makai Kingdom ever since I saw Overlord Zetta make that appearance in Disgaea 2, and originally I was having a hard time finding a copy of the game. Thankfully, back in November/December I managed to snag myself a copy on the internet. It was certainly very different when I started playing it, getting used to playing a game without a restrictive grid system made things a little tricky at first, and getting used to not having a Base Panel. However, utilizing Overlord Zetta has become pretty easy now, and while I still tend to use him as a Base Panel, I've gotten used to being able to carry him around and use him as a mobile base. After about 3 months of gameplay, I now have a firm grasp of the game, and have even beaten the main story once through, I could beat it again, but I am having a fun time slowly working up characters and being able to customize my own overlord's castle. I will bring up more details on my experience through Makai Kingdom in a future entry, likely a sort of review. If it's not up here on the news panel, take a look in the forums!

Until next time, fellow Netherworldians!

- D
Posted on 30 Jan 2011 by Dentarg
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